Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina

Lets face it, the romance of Italian race steeds has diminished due to the hoards of over hyped mass produced and leveraged bike companies that make everything from bikes to saddles. Italian bike companies are fighting for survival and for market share. Few consumers place worth on heritage and passion for the two wheeled machine. Consumers shop for price and place little on what the brand stands for.

So how does a small family run company from Italy survive? Innovation and passion. Wilier partnered with Mitsubishi to create one of the sexiest race frames on the market today, the Zero 7. Sponsoring Pro Teams lends valuable info for R & D and allows Wilier to further develop amazing race bikes.

While not huge in North America, Wilier is no stranger to cycling fanatics throughout the world who have a passion for tradition and history. The company was started in 1906 in Italy where the bikes are still designed and painted today. Wilier bikes have been ridden to numerous victories such as the Giro and many Grand Tour stage wins including the 2010 Green Jersey by Ale Jet himself.

“Pantani, Petacchi, Cunego, Gonchar, Moncoutie , Millar and of course Ballan. The list goes on of riders who have won on a Wilier”

Today you can see Wilier raced by the Wilier-Southeast and UHC. We are proud to be Edmonton’s exclusive dealer for these fine bikes. The bike can be custom assembled to your needs or you can get it built with one of Wilier’s kits. When you pick Wilier you are guaranteed a unique machine with history and prestige. Depart from the masses of cookie cutter open mold frames. Buy a Wilier.

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