January 25th, 2014

Pedalhead Road Works is pleased to officially announce the addition of Cervelo to our line of brands for 2014 and beyond. Over the last thirteen years PRW has evolved into an award winning high-end road store through quality service, a narrow focus on road, and a commitment to our customers. Four years ago we started carrying Focus bikes and have supported the brand since then. When Focus’ parent company (PON) bought Cervelo we began to see a shift in the brand strategy and distribution of Focus. Most recently they decided to no longer sell to online dealers moving forward. This renewed strategy allowed us to connect with the company on a very deep level. This same strategy crosses over with Cervelo and has allowed us to build a relationship through the parent company of PON.

Like any decision we make it is a carefully thought out endeavour. We have to look at the needs of our clients and what they are asking for and how we can best service that need without compromising our business philosophy. When we decided on Cervelo it was not a decision that was made overnight, nor one that we took lightly. There are many hurdles we have to face when we add any brand to our already established selection of some of the best road bikes in the world. Bikes are simple but the bike industry can be complex at the best of times. In the end we felt now was the right time for the direction of the shop and their brand.

In the past we have not always agreed with some of the design elements of the bikes as well as the direction of the company, but under this new management strategy the bikes have improved to being among the best on the market, and their dealer service and company direction fits our philosophy. They don’t make cruiser bikes or mountain bikes, choosing to focus only on what they do best: road and time trial. One of our former employees and close friend Graham is now working as an engineer with Cervelo and this offers us direct insight into the design and manufacturing of the bikes. We can safely say the new S2 is a PRW influenced bike and a bike made for our style of racing and roads. A bike Graham was project manager on and had us in mind when envisioning it. True story.

The Cervelo brand is also something that our customers have wanted for a long time. There is only one brand that we didn’t carry that people actually asked about, Cervelo. When we added Cannondale to our bike line up years ago some said that we “sold out” by bringing in a mainstream brand, and we are sure we will have critics of our decision to carry Cervelo. We still stand by our decision to carry Cannondale as we feel they make some of the best race bikes on the market backed up by a vast racing pedigree, period. We are constantly searching out brands and products that fit our race heritage and shop philosophy, Cervelo fits that perfectly. The brand has carved out a unique niche in the industry and we truly feel that the addition of Cervelo compliments our existing quiver of bikes and is a perfect fit for the direction of PRW.

So what’s this mean to you our loyal clients? It means you now even have another reason to not shop anywhere else. We feel we have the best selection of proven Road bikes in Canada. A strong statement but to those who have been in PRW they know we can back that up. If you have not been in our shop please visit and give us a try, we will not disappoint you. This is more than a job to us, it is what we believe in and it is our passion. We have been around for more than 13 yrs and we are not even close to slowing down, in our eyes we have just begun.