Chpt. III

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December 17th, 2015

We are super excited to announce Chpt. III by David Millar as our latest apparel offering. So why add another apparel brand when we already have some of the best clothing ranges made today? Simple. In my mind, clothing designed by David Millar and manufactured by Castelli is a combo that speaks volumes. First, Castelli, who are an iconic brand that continues to push both the design and functional performance of race kit. Take the Gabba jacket. This is a jacket that is sought out and used by pro’s that aren’t even sponsored by Castelli. (These riders pay fines everytime they wear one of these…) This, to me, is the ultimate sign of success, when athletes and riders refuse to compromise because a product is simply that good. Add to that David Millar (who has always been known as racer with a sense of style off the bike, but with a demand for the best materials and fit on the bike) hand picking fabrics and utilizing patterns to develop clothing that feels like a second skin, all while maintaining the fit and performance of some of the best race kit out there, but without looking like a billboard.

Think of Chpt. III as a whole new level. Better than anything Castelli has done in the past. Small limited production runs are all hand made in Italy, adding to the authenticity of what Chpt. III is, the most exciting and unique clothing brand to be launched in 2016.

Millar’s thoughts behind the brand are simple:

“As my career came to an end I realized I’d have to wear clothing somebody else had designed. I didn’t want that. I wanted to create cycling clothing that was constructed for my new life as a non-racer, only designed for riding, not racing, but still with the latest tech and with a collaboration that I’d always known.”

This is the next chapter.

“I spent my entire professional cycling career dressed as a human billboard. From now on, I want to wear something subtle and understated.”

What can you expect with Chpt. III? 100% European made, fabrics you would not find on any race kit, subtle, understated, amazing fit and silhouette. The program is simple with the initial launch consisting of seven pieces: SS Jersey, Bib Shorts, Jacket, Base Layer, Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers and socks. Each item is limited so once its gone it’s gone and onto the next launch of kit. We are the exclusive dealer of Chpt. III in Alberta and one of four in Canada hand picked by David Millar and company, so we are pretty excited about that.

In stock now.