Condor Bikes

London calling

March 7th, 2014

Ok. Remember last month when I said we weren’t done yet when it comes to the shop evolving? Well it is my honour and privilege to announce that we are the exclusive Canadian Stockist for Condor Cycles out of London. This was a process many years in the making and again not taken lightly by either party. Condor has been making bikes for over 60 years and are very selective of who carries their product especially when the demand is higher than the actual production. No point in opening a lot of dealers if you can’t supply your current network. A very mature and well thought out business approach and not that common in the Bike Industry these days. I bugged them over the last 3-4 yrs as I saw there was no dealers in North America and I felt it was a brand that deserved representation this side of the pond. Each year they politely said no as they wished to control the growth of their brand in a way they could manage and also make sure they were supporting their current dealers. This dialogue went back and forth for a few yrs and they finally felt North America was ready for the Condor brand and that they could properly support a dealer in Canada. Many e-mails later and finally a conference call for me to pitch the PRW story and how we would represent the brand. Fast forward to now and we are the exclusive dealer in Canada. Like the Cervelo story there is a PRW connection, of course. Good friend and former PRW staff member Matt Holland aka BBC happens to work at Condor Cycles in London and helped twist some arms, thanks Matt.

So Why Condor? Simple answer, tradition. A brand that still makes and paints their frames in Italy. From Steel, Aluminum, Carbon, Ti and Stainless. All done by hand in Italy by artisans. Also speaking to Grant it was refreshing to talk to a owner of a bike brand who’s main focus was not how many bikes will be sold but how we would represent the philosophy of the brand and grow it together. Sign me up.

” A bike brand that is still family run means a lot to me as a rider and a business owner”

I know many of you already know the Condor name but for those that don’t here is a brief history:

Condor’s success over the last sixty years has been dependent on being aware of current and future technologies. Ongoing market research and close relationships with key component manufactures has enabled Condor to offer the latest products; tried, tested and assessed before appearing on the store’s shelves.

In 1948 the majority of race bikes were bespoke but in today’s market place, a bespoke bicycle is a rarity. At Condor, it is what they have done every day for sixty years. From competitive to fitness rider, commuter, new or returning cyclist, the right bike opens up a world on two wheels.

As more and more marques take their manufacturing to the Far East, Condor continue to produce frames by hand in Italy. Frames are constructed from their own selection of tubing and manufactured to their own design requirements. They utilize the right materials to produce frames dedicated to each purpose.

The bikes take inspiration from Condor’s rich heritage. Condor bicycles have been ridden to World Championship gold medals, ridden in the Tour de France and are currently being raced by Rapha Condor-JLT. Few brands can claim to have their bikes ridden by names including Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins. They had me at Wiggo…

Here is a great write up on the Condor production in Italy, and also a great video by our friends at Rapha ,who have sponsored the Rapha Condor - JLT team over the last few years.

So whats next? What I can promise you is a bike that will be super unique and exclusive to PRW in Canada. We will work on a custom PRW Edition paint model with Condor as well, like we have done with select brands in the past. For those of you who lust after a proper steel race rig we have you covered. Track? No problem. This is the beginning of a relationship that I feel will even further set PRW apart. The first step in a journey that I can’t wait to start.

I am off to London to meet with Grant Young and his team at Condor April 11- 15 th. We will be closed Friday the 11th and Tuesday the 15th. We will be open Saturday the 12th. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused, I will personally do my best to accommodate you prior. Take a look at Condor’s website and start saving those pennies.