Condor Brooks 150


November 24th, 2017

I like my job. Lets just get that out there right now, in case you didn’t already know that. I get to build some amazing bikes that get ridden hard by people who appreciate what my little shop in the frozen North is trying to do. They also trust us when it comes to putting the pieces together to bring what is in their mind to the physical form. I would say about 70% of the time we pretty much have free reign in what goes on the bike in terms of wheels, group set, cockpit and the other bits. That’s a lot of trust in what we do and I am grateful for this as it means we have strong relationships with our clients. I get asked who buys these bikes you post? Are they just show pieces? Do they actually get ridden? I can confidently say we sell bikes to people all over Canada who ride and race what we build for them. When you have a amazing bottle of wine you should drink it,bikes are no different. I nice bike should be ridden and ridden hard as we don’t build bikes for the wall, we build bikes to be used. When you get to build a lot of unique bikes it gets hard to really pick standouts as I love each and everyone of them, however every once and awhile you get a standout. The Brooks Edition Condor Leggero 150 is one of those.

So what is this frame all about? To celebrate a century and a half of excellence, Brooks invited Condor to create a special edition Leggero, utilizing the theme of copper as this was the material chosen for the rivets of the first Brooks saddles. The limited edition Leggero features a mix of gloss and matte copper paint finish, which is created using dyed chrome paint. Each frame is hand painted in Italy and features a copper plate, copper head badge, and special edition insignia to celebrate Brooks’ 150th anniversary. British silversmith John Campbell makes each copper plaque. The highly polished plaque details the Condor and Brooks logos. And yes the frame is handmade in Italy.

So you get the idea that this is a pretty unique and special frame and why I was super excited to put one together for longtime supporter and friend. So what do you put on such a piece of art?

Well here are the build details:

-Frame Leggero Brooks LTD Edition No. 4

-Super Record EPS

-Bora Ultra Clinchers with Conti GP 4000 rubber

-Fizik 00 Carbon Cyrano Bar with a Fizik R1 stem

-Stages Super Record Powermeter

-Brooks C13 Cambium Carbon saddle - duh

-Fizik Endurance Bar Tape

I love a clean classic build and this is exactly what this is. Proven equipment that works great and looks even better. Yes you could put lighter stuff on it but the durability, fit and ride quality of this build is hard to beat. I would ride and race this bike in a heartbeat and not change a single thing on it. This is built exactly how I would of done it for my own bike and I feel this is exactly how the folks at Condor and Brooks envisioned it being built. You have to respect each and every element that went into designing and engineering this frame, and I feel the owner of this amazing bike did exactly that.

Want one for your quiver? Call me I know a guy. Also forgot to mention I got them to build it with a ENG Threaded BB. #winning