Custom Paint


October 13th, 2017

Custom paint is a option that I feel is truly under utilized. We are lucky to carry Wilier, Condor and De Rosa who all offer custom paint options with a small up charge. Offering unique brands is one reason many customers come to the shop as they don’t want the same bike as everyone they ride with. To me the next step in truly having a unique bike is custom paint, something that we help you create and some artisan executes to perfection.Wilier, De Rosa and Condor do all their custom painting in Italy by men and women who have a passion and unique skill that are slowly disappearing. If you have ever witnessed someone meticulously mask and tape a bike frame it is truly amazing. The speed and precision they do it with is crazy and gives you a true appreciation of the skill it takes to paint a bike frame.

Wilier utilizes a online configuration tool that lets you personally design your frame with templates that have hundreds of combinations of styles and colors. Once we help you decide on the final colors we submit to Wilier and your creation is born. Having designed numerous custom painted frames it is best to pass your decide thru me as some colors on the monitor look better than real life and some combo’s don’t really work together. Trust me…

Condor takes a more traditional approach with us providing pantones and design cues on the frame we have selected. From there Ben Spurrier Condors bike designer works his magic and provides us with a rendering of the design for approval. Condor is also able to take a stock paint option of one frame and put it on another model if you don’t feel like being too creative. We have full paint chip samples in the shop for the array of colours Condor offers.

If you are on Instagram I urge you to follow both Condor, De Rosa and Willier as they post some amazing custom bike creations. Having done this with these brands I have never had anyone disappointed in the end result and most are above the clients expectations. After all, the Italians know a few things about painting beautiful bikes. If you really are up for something unique and are have patience we could do a Pegoretti Ciavete and let Dario surprise you…