Factor Bikes

Factor Bikes

October 2nd, 2017

Excited for the latest addition to the PRW family: Factor Bikes. Yes, another brand, but as always there is a method to my madness…. Never heard of them? Well, a bit of background to add your knowledge banks.

Factor Bikes was formed back in 2007 as a showcase for the engineering expertise of Norfolk-based motor sports company bf1 systems, and it quickly blew people away with the superbikes it produced. The problem with these bikes was they were cutting edge, but not legal thanks to the UCI outdated regulations. In stepped new owners Baden Cooke (if you don’t know who Cooke is you are dead to me) and Rob Gitelis to take the helm and to create some of the nicest, most technically advanced bikes out there. With input from former pros such as Cooke, Hesjedal, and Millar, Factor has access to a wealth of bike savvy racers who were all known to be methodical about their bikes and equipment. Gitelis is a long time engineer in the bike business and has designed bikes that have won the Giro, TDF and countless Classics. He also owns his own factory and lives locally allowing him to step into the factory anytime he chooses, giving Factor the ability to move from design to prototype to production at a speed no major manufacturer can match. This year Factor become sponsor of AG2R and Bardet piloted a Factor O2 to a Podium position at the TDF. Not bad for a brand in its debut at the World Tour level.

So what do you get with Factor? A pretty tidy little package. They offer 3 frames: the aero-road One, the all-rounder and my favorite O2 and the TT Frame accurately named the Slick. The frames come complete with Fizik Carbon saddle, Ceramic Speed BB and Headset, Black Inc Carbon Post and your choice of Integrated Carbon Bars or a separate Carbon Stem and Bar. When we fit and order the frame, we can pick the length of stem and bar width so you are not stuck with stock build spec. I hate few things more than some marketing manager deciding what length of cockpit someone should have based off the size of bike.

Dealing direct with Factor allows us to have super competitive pricing and also a close relationship with the brand. I can email Walt the Product Manger and he personally responds, heck, I have even exchanged emails with Baden Cooke. Added bonus is PRW friend Ryder is partnered with Factor and CHPT III and he was kind enough to come out to old Edmonton to launch the brand in the shop. We had a great night talking bike racing, beer, retirement and gear. Some Pros couldn’t tell you their saddle height and then there are Pros like Ryder who look at every detail about their bike and equipment. Hope to have him up North again in a bigger venue so we can have a bigger event. By now you should be getting the idea that I am really looking forward to working with Factor as they do get it and they, more importantly, know what value of what a small shop like us can add to a brand of their calibre. So come check them out, you will like them I promise.