Search and State

Made in New York

October 29th, 2014

The options for Cycling kit these days are overwhelming. Not only for me as a shop owner but also for the consumer who is trying to weed through marketing to really find the garments that meet their expectations. I feel it is my duty to find the best products on the market that I would personally use and to partner with brands that share the same values as PRW. In Search and State I truly believe I have found a brand to add to our portfolio of premium products.

SAS is a New York based company that was started by Devin O’Brien and Daniel Golden. Both are cyclists who previously worked in clothing design and marketing who decided to start their own brand with a different approach to cycling kit. What started in 2010 with a couple pieces has grown to a dialed collection of essential cycling pieces: 2 Jerseys, Bibshorts, Gilet, Jacket, Armwarmers and Legwarmers. Simple colours with minimal branding, the aesthetics are quiet but the fit and finish speaks volumes.

So why SAS? Good question, one I have put considerable thought into. I never take the decision of introducing a new line to the shop lightly, as it reflects on me personally. Besides the aesthetics of the brand, I love their philosophy. All garments are hand made in Manhattan’s Garment District in small batches to ensure quality and perfection, not many brands can say that. SAS takes it a step further and uses US milled fabrics as well in many of the pieces.

A true winner already is the S1-J riding Jacket. If there ever was a do all cycling jacket we may have just found it. It features C-Change™ fabric technology by Scholler®. C-Change™ is a bionic climate membrane that independently reacts to changing temperatures, closing when exposed to cold and opening in response to warmth. The S1-J traps heat when you need it, vents moisture as it’s produced and may be the most versatile piece of technical apparel you will own.

SAS offers two SS Jerseys, the S1-A and S2-R. The S1-A features a two tone microbial fabric that is milled in the USA. Classic cut and fit topped off with an indestructible Riri full zip. The S2-R is the latest addition to the line, featuring a more performance fit utilizing a four way stretch fabric. I have ridden this piece already and it’s my new favourite jersey. Comes in black, black or black. I like black.

The S1-S Bibshort feature a Cytech chamois, medium compression and medium weight fabric that is the perfect for Edmonton’s typically cooler riding seasons. Face it we get about 7 days of actual hot weather, the rest of the summer is less than balmy. The medium weight bib is perfect for this and is also dyed to match the black SAS Jersey’s, gotta look pro.

We are super excited to be one of the first retail partners for SAS in Canada and Edmonton’s exclusive stockist. A selection of Bibs, Jersey’s and Jackets is in stock now, so be sure to check them out. You will not be disappointed. For more info check them out on the Interwebs.