A ride with Ryder

by: Guri Randhawa @The_PRW
April 10th, 2017

I think as Albertans we sometimes take many things for granted. One of these things is the amazing riding we have in our own back yard. Never mind the amazing mountain bike trails that cover our vast Province, I am talking about the killer road riding. I have ridden all over the world and have been lucky enough to do some of the world’s biggest and most famous climbs and roads. I can safely say that Jasper rivals many of these regions when it comes to variety, scenery and climbs that will make you go deep into the red. Jasper also is what I feel a real mountain town should be like, welcoming, small, sleepy at times and offering a true alpine environment. Yes we do not have the same cycling culture as Europe but that is changing and we should all help foster this change.

One of the best ways to see any place is by bike and this also holds true for the Rockies. Even better if it is in the company of a former Grand Tour winner and all around Canuck Ryder Hesjedal. In partnership with Incite, Osprey Resorts, Tour of Victoria, Marmot Basin and ATB Tour of Alberta, PRW is super excited to be a part of what I hope is annual event. I know this will be a great time riding in one of Ryder’s favorite places with cycling fans such as myself. Matt from Osprey Resorts who came up with this Camp weekend is a close friend and I know he will make this a great weekend with some amazing riding, stories, great food and perhaps a beer or more. If you don’t want to ride with me I am sure Ryder will give you a wheel as well and some amazing firsthand accounts of racing the biggest races in the world.

“Come ride the Canadian Rockies with me. The Jasper roads and scenery blew me away during the 2015 ATB Tour of Alberta. I look forward to enjoying a team environment with camp attendees at a more casual pace!” - Ryder Hesjedal

So what does a bike nerd’s dream-riding weekend look like?

YOUR WEEKEND INCLUDES: Two-day prescribed ride total of ~220km with supported feed zones, Friday night wine tasting courtesy of Crimson Imports, Saturday night Haida Gwaii fresh fish dinner, Sunday BBQ lunch at Marmot Basin chalet, all transfers and limited mechanical support (by yours truly, don’t worry I’ve worked on bikes once or twice before), accommodation at Jasper House Bungalows, meals, service charges and taxes included.

There are some other fine details and restrictions that Matt will be more than happy to fill you in on or answer any questions so drop him an email or phone call. I am super excited to hear some great stories and share in this experience with you so I hope some of you take advantage of this opportunity.

Camp begins 6pm, May 26 to 28, 2017,cost $2000 CND per person. Call 1-780-446-8833 or email matthew@ospreyresorts.com

Photo Credit: Stirl and Rae Photo


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