by: Guri Randhawa @The_PRW
September 9th, 2016

Wow. This year blew by and its crazy to think its already September. Weather wise we had a great start to the season so a lot of miles were put on the road, as opposed to the trainer this Spring, which no one was complaining about except our trainer sales sucked. Well, CX is here with the Wednesday CX World Champs officially under way. The ABA CX Calendar is jammed full of racing so now you officially have 3 days a week to wreck your bike ☺

Shop Renos-Speaking of shop changes we have done a bunch. If you haven’t been by you need to at least come and see the new facade and sign plus all the fancy new displays, counters and other stuff we have done. If you don’t like us, at least drive by and see the new store front, you don’t need to come in for that. I spend so much time here that we need to keep it fresh and new to keep everyone motivated and also evolve away from the peg board displays. Have to give people a reason to not by online and offering a fine dining experience I feel is an important aspect to this.

Interbike-September brings the usual pilgrimage to Interbike. Being a nice boss, I am dragging the entire crew down with me this year so we will be CLOSED SEPTEMBER 20th-22nd. Don’t panic, its only 3 days so you will survive. We will be back at it Friday morning after taking the red eye so no hard questions. Its a short trip but will be action packed with the usual offerings of Cross Vegas, cool bike stuff, cocktails and man crush sightings. If I see anything mind blowing I will be sure to let you know.

Tour Of Alberta - What a great race again this year. Kudos to all those involved including all the volunteers, it’s crazy to think that this race exists in our fine City and Province. I never believed it would ever happen and now we just had our 4th edition of it, something that Edmonton should be proud of. Always nice to see so many clients and friends out there supporting the event and nerding out like the rest of us. Thanks to the Jared Smith, Alex Stieda and the rest of the board for helping bring something this cool to old E-Town. Also big thanks to Mavic and M1 Cycling project for the ride.

I am off to Montreal tomorrow for “work” and to check out the Montreal GP, man I love that city. Looking forward to seeing another day of great racing in Canada and catching up with some good friends. I am sure beer will be involved at some point. Bikes too. I will try and share some pics but I have signed some lengthy NDA’s , plus some things don’t need to be public.

Will try and not be so lazy and do another post après Interbike to wrap up the season.

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