by: Guri Randhawa @The_PRW
November 2nd, 2016

PRW x Condor

I am pleased to introduce our latest collaboration between us PRW and Condor bicycles.

For those unfamiliar with the brand it has a history based not on marketing campaigns but a dedication to quality building and customer relations. The brand was founded shortly after the Second World War and these values continue to resonate today.

“For PRW this is an approach we also value since our origin in 2000. “

We decided on the steel, Acciaio as the platform for our collaboration. Taking our favorite visual features of Condor racing bikes from the Super Acciaio to the newly designed Italia RC and combing them with our twist into the simplicity of the Acciaio frameset. Subtle branding plus an aesthetic that implies a reserved and timeless language, the PRWxCondor custom will remain tasteful and a pleasure to ride for many roads and years.

So who is the Condor Acciaio customer? Someone who wants a hand built frame, welded and painted in Italy by true crafts people. It is also perfect for the rider that wants a truly unique steel bike that won’t get lost in a sea of monotonous carbon over branded bikes (sorry a bit wordy but couldn’t resits) . We are committed to making a run no matter what but it does not hurt to express your interest early to ensure you can be part of this heritage. As always these are a limited run and won’t be produced again, that itself should have you getting off your wallet. Oh yah forgot to mention, these are just renders not actual bike but I figured you would know that…

-The PRW Team


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