The 2018 Component Range

In the end, building a bike is supposed to be fun, right? Don't like the bar tape? Change it. Want 25mm tires and not the 23mm stock on the bike? Change it. We strive to make each bike as individual and unique as you are because no one wants a cookie cutter bike on the local ride or race. We have amassed a selection of brands that are unique and exemplify quality.


When it comes to groupsets each brand has its pros, cons and subtle nuances; trust us we have tried all of them. We can help guide you through which groupset will best suit your frame, needs, and budget. You don't have to be a pro to appreciate a bike that shifts when it is supposed to, just someone who appreciates quality and precision.


We have been chosen by Campagnolo to be Edmonton's Campagnolo Pro Shop which means we don't just offer Campagnolo out of a catalogue, we stock it. It also means we are certified to rebuild your Ergo shifter so it shifts like the day you bought it. There is no need to send it away to get repaired. Campagnolo offers some of the best components available. Quality and craftsmanship built on heritage. Experience Campagnolo now.

Saddles Selection


So how do you select a saddle? Riding style, rider position, relationship between bars and saddle, pelvic rotation and flexibility. Complicated? Only if you don't know how to assess it and don't have a selection of saddles to offer the rider a choice. Ah yes choices and options, that recurring theme. The rider doing their first Fondo will need a different rider than the 130 lb racer who sits on a piece of leather for 5 hrs. We have over 30 different models of saddles in stock all the time because there is more than one type of person out there.

  • fi'iz:k

  • san marco

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Wheels Selection

Wheels & Tires

Wheels are the what makes a bicycle a bicycle and continue to be the most popular and most effective upgrade a rider can make. Carbon, alloy, carbon with alloy rims, clincher, tubular or tubeless. The choices are huge and growing yearly. We will help you pick the best wheel for intended application and for the nostalgic we can even lace up Ambrosio's on a set of Record or DA hubs.

  • HED

  • Fulcrum

  • Mavic

  • Campagnolo

  • Veloflex

  • Continental

  • Vittoria

  • Dugast

  • FMB

Cockpit Selection

Cockpit & Fittings

There was a time when bars came in one shape with a couple of variations but now they make bars in many sizes with various drops and reaches, flat top, sweep, shallow, classic, ergo, and on and on. Seat posts are no different. Various post set backs, components, and materials will alter the fit and ride quality of the bike. Let us help guide you into something that will not only compliment your bike but riding style as well.

  • 3T

  • Fizik

  • Ritchey

  • Deda

Training Tools

There is no better pursuit of form than by training with a powermeter. Period. They have revolutionized how we train and most importantly how we measure changes. The person who can benefit most are the those who have limited spare time. We have been offering powermeters since their inception over 16 years ago. We use what we sell and can help you decide what powermeter,smart trainer, roller or other training asset will best suit you and your goals.

  • SRM

  • Quarq

  • Stages

  • 4iiii

  • Wahoo