The 2020 Product Range

PRW prides itself on the staple of carefully crafted and high quality goods we provide. After much diligence researching and testing, we are happy to say we offer a great selection of goods for the discerning cyclist. Brands that are not only unique but in many cases exclusive to PRW.

Helmet Selection


Fit, ventilation, weight, and aesthetics all rigorously tested under North America's safety standards. All helmets we offer fit different so feel free to try them on. We carry some amazing brands founded in Belgium, Italy and Spain. Not only are do they make great helmets but their unique and striking look set each of them apart.

  • Kask

  • Lazer

  • POC

  • Suomy

Shoes Selection


The right cycling shoe and custom insole will provide 360 degrees of fit, allowing your muscles and joints to move with less stress and tension, increasing comfort and performance. To complement the variety of cycling shoes we have chosen Conform'able in providing a range of custom insoles to produce maximum performance for every pedal stroke.

  • Sidi

  • Bont

  • Fizik

  • Shimano S-Phyre

  • Mavic

Clothes & Kit


A rider who is comfortable will ride more and also enjoy it more. Comfort not only comes from your saddle or bike, but from the clothing you choose. We offer the leading apparel brands for cycling; Assos, Search and State and Chpt. III. We are 100% confident you will ride more comfortably and longer.

  • Assos

  • Search & State

  • Chpt. III

  • 7 Mesh


Accessorize. You can just buy a pair of bibs and a jersey and be done. That's not practical to cover the range of temps and conditions nor is it fun. Arm warmers add versatility to that jersey as do knees and legs. We love cycling caps and offer a plethora of colors and retro brands to coordinate all your outfits, because matching is part of the game. Don't try and deny it, we all want to coordinate our booties with our kit. You match bar tape to your bike don't you?

We have you covered head to toe with a range of booties, gloves, warmers, caps, balms and other essentials. The right gear for all the conditions so you can ride your bike in comfort and quality and look good doing it.

  • Assos

  • Search & State

  • Biemme

Lotions and Balms Selection

Bike Accessories

Few things kill a beautiful build like mismatched bottle cages or a saddle bag that looks like your dog got a hold of it. Lucky for you we stock some great products to complete that build, from saddle bags to mini pumps we have you covered. Like every product we carry, you can be sure all our accessories will add to your bike, not take away from it. Handmade pumps, bells and beautifully crafted tool rolls made by people who care about the end result.

  • Silca

  • Spurcycle

  • Velocolour

  • Arundel